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by Marian Bond
October 27, 2009

A move to Reno in 2002 provided Todd and Roberta Newman an opportunity to enjoy a different environment and to begin a new business venture.

For 23 years, Todd Newman was a stockbroker on the Options Floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco, and Roberta Newman sold medical malpractice insurance.

After looking into various business opportunities, the couple elected to start a carpet and upholstery cleaning business that relied on an environmentally-friendly product Todd Newman had learned about during his years on the stock exchange. After moving to Reno, friends encouraged him to pursue the opportunity.

Newman's Natural Carpet & Upholstery Care was formed in 2004, and the process is unique in that there is very little water used during cleaning. The solution is 100 percent natural, soap- and detergent-free, odorless and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is Indoor Air Quality approved.

Todd Newman described the five steps:

"First, we use a dual motor industrial vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the house. Next, we mix the solution with hot water from a tap in the home, using the sink or bathtub. The next step is to mist the carpet with the solution using an appliance that is similar to a fruit sprayer. It is important that the solution not go deep and into the pad. Then, we use the floor machine with a brush attachment, and this agitates the carpet, raising it so we can get in with the floor machine to remove dirt and dander and odors.

"After we have cleaned the carpet and dried it, we take a rake and groom. Typically, the carpet will be 90 percent dry by the time we leave the house."

He said the thing to note is they will use about 10 gallons of water for an average size house, whereas a more conventional cleaning process might use 100 gallons.

For upholstery cleaning, a separate machine is used along with the solution.

The Newman's purchase the dry solution from the developer in Washington, and it comes in 350-pound barrels, which they house in storage units.

The company offers free cost estimates.

Being involved in an environmentally friendly business has been a plus for the couple, as they are interested in green enterprises. Plus, they are happy to have many satisfied customers who are so pleased with the look of their carpet.

"People are shocked when we are done," Newman said. "We leave the customer smiling from ear to ear. We're not there to just clean the carpet one time. We want them to be our customer for life. And we are helping the environment as well."

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